Adhesives Industry Raw Materials

Adhesives Industry Raw Materials

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1)    ACRYLIC SEALANT Description:  The sealant is an acrylic based one part, waterproof, paintable sealant; it cures to a flexible and tough rubber with good adhesion to most building material surface without primer.

2)    ( C5 & C9  HYDROCARBON  RESIN)   Used as additives in medical containers and packing material (such as blood  storage bag, liquid medicine package, Infusion tube), it can improve the heat resistance, transparency and softening. It also applied in hot melt, pressure sensitive  adhesive, structure and decorative plastic of construction, mobile assembly, tile compound, health products (such as sanitary napkin, baby diapers) and HMPSA for shoes.

4)Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymers  EVA UE647-04 EVA UE647-04 is a high flowability and high VA content ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA)  for making hot melt.The hot melt is suitable for  Packaging and other product assemblies.Applications: Hot melt adhesives

5)Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymers  EVA UE653-04 :EVA UE653-04 is a high flowability and high VA content ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) with many excellent properties,  stated make EVA UE653-04 to be the popular one of EVA for making hot melt. 

6)   Styrene - Butadiene block copolymer specifically designed for hot melt and for solvent based adhesive applications.Typical Application Transparent shoe soles, plastic modification, adhesives,mechanical parts, Compounding for modification

7)    Styrene - Isoprene block copolymer specifically designed for hot melt and for solvent based adhesive applications.

8)  CR LATEX:  It is an anionization chloroprene latex.Application: For shoes adhesive and others

9)    PU binder for wood It is widely applied in wood to get a adhesive with fabric

10)  Polishing agent :It is widely applied in glass to provide a polish appearance and improve its printing fastness on its surface.  It also can be used coating on fabric, plastic and leather.  To spray the BENLON 9232 to the glass directly.

11) Paste agent  DESCRIPTIONIt is widely applied in pasting on textile fabric, wood, metal, marble, paper, foam, leather, rubber and plastic material. It can be used direct by rolling, brushing or spraying.

12) AdhesiveIt is a self-crosslinking resin to be used in bonding the fabric.  It can be used in nylon and PU foam binding.

13)Laminating Adhesive Description It is a ready-to-use, waterborne acrylic adhesive designed for use in the manufacture of flexible film laminates for food packaging. It is also suitable for use in non-food applications where similar films and performance requirements apply. It is to laminate a variety of substrates including treated polyolefins, treated polyesters. It will have good adhesion to both metalized films and transparent films. These laminations are intended for snack foods, dry food and other general performance packaging. 

14) Adhesive :It is a self-cross-linking water base copolymer to be used as adhesive.

15) Bopp adhesive :It is an acrylic copolymer emulsion which is specially designed for  BOPP Packing and stationery tape. 

16) GORE-TEX glue It is an eco-friendly moisture curing hot melt glue to be used as an Adhesive on fabric such as nylon, polyester and TPU film.

18) TPU Resin:Used in Hot melt adhesive film, sealing tape, textile lamination

19) TPU Resin It is widely applied in footwear lamination and textile lamination.